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What Are The Types of Assisted Living in Oregon?

By January 15, 2024May 8th, 2024No Comments

A reader recently asked about the types of assisted living in Oregon. 

Each state regulates assisted living.  There are differences in regulations and the names given to various types of assisted living facilities.

In Oregon, three types of regulated facilities may be considered assisted living for all of us.  These include adult foster homes, assisted living facilities, and residential care facilities.

Here are some differences between the types of assisted living in Oregon.

Adult Foster Home (AFH)
An adult foster home in Oregon is a private residence where elderly or disabled individuals receive care and assistance with daily activities.  Adult foster homes are typically smaller in scale and often house fewer residents compared to other types of care facilities.  Caregivers in adult foster homes provide personal care, meals, medication management, and support with activities of daily living.  Adult foster homes can be a more intimate and homelike setting for individuals who need care and supervision.
Assisted-Living Facility
Assisted living facilities in Oregon provide housing and various levels of assistance with daily activities to seniors and individuals with disabilities.  These facilities are generally larger and more structured than adult foster homes and may offer a wider range of services.  Assisted living facilities typically have communal dining areas, activity programs, and medical support.  They are designed to promote independence while providing assistance when needed.
Residential Care Facility (RCF)
Residential care facilities in Oregon are similar to assisted-living facilities but may cater to individuals with higher care needs. RCFs offer 24-hour supervision and assistance with personal care, medication management, and meals. They are licensed to provide a higher level of care than assisted-living facilities.  RCFs may also serve individuals with dementia or other specialized care requirements.
It’s important to note that the specific services and regulations for these types of facilities may vary so research each one to find which type is right for you.  The Oregon Department of Human Services website is a great place to start.

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