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Senior Care

That Time of Year

By December 20, 2022October 20th, 2023No Comments

A marketing director at an assisted living facility recently told me how busy they’ve been for the past few weeks. I wasn’t surprised.

It’s that time of year for most senior living operators, not just because they’re busy scheduling Christmas parties and holiday events. They’re busy because of the number of new admissions.

As I write this post today, Christmas is just a few days away. Since the Thanksgiving holiday a few weeks ago, many families have spent time together, perhaps for the first time since the last holiday season. Some families have noticed something is different with mom or dad, grandma or grandpa, or another loved one.

Many families realize that a loved one living alone faces new challenges during the holiday season. Those challenges may show up in a variety of ways. It may be a house that’s not in order like it once was, more difficulty with mobility, increasingly complex medication management, or forgetfulness that’s a cause for concern. Family members who see these signs may have their first discussions about how to help.

While some families recognize a slow progression leading to the need for senior living, others face a crisis. That crisis requires immediate action, which is only complicated by the time of year.

I recently saw an online guide that offered many suggestions for managing a crisis when you’re the caregiver of a person with Alzheimer’s or other dementia. This Crisis Guide for Caregivers of Seniors with Alzheimer’s or Other Dementia had a checklist of things to look for to help identify symptoms of dementia. It also included a list of resources.

While there are many resources online for families facing dementia in a loved one, it’s often a local senior living provider who may be a starting point to help understand the available options. Whether or not it’s time to move to senior living or memory care, local senior living providers are another excellent resource for their local community.

It’s that time of year. Senior living providers might be especially busy, but helping families like yours is a high priority for them year round.

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