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Confidentiality is often essential for buyers and sellers. News about a possible sale can impact residents, staff, and the business. So we help owners of assisted living facilities connect confidentially with potential buyers here in our Marketplace.

Here, you’ll find readers who are seeking buyers, sellers, tenants, managers, developers, lenders, investors, and more.

If you’re interested in learning more about any of these situations, just click the link, submit the form, and we’ll connect you. Please remember, unless it says so, we’re not anyone’s agent.

Do you want to confidentially connect with other readers?

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The owner of a newer Dane County memory care CBRF is seeking a manager or a management company to run operations.  An ownership opportunity may be available.

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Profitable 11-bed community-based residential facility. $1,200,000.

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This reader has a 16-bed assisted living facility. It’s vacant, recently updated, and the owner is seeking a manager.

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For Lease. Would you like to lease a recently updated assisted living home? This reader may have one for you.

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Do you manage assisted living facilities around Mesa? This reader is looking for a management company for their 10-bed assisted living home.

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We have a Houston area reader with a vacant assisted living home for sale for $440,000.

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South Carolina

This 5000 sq ft house with up to 7 bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms was previously licensed as a group home for children, with sprinklers, ADA compliance, and a commercial kitchen.  Located in Tillman, South Carolina.  Available for sale or lease.

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