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Launching a New Website

By July 6, 2013One Comment

It was long overdue. The website looked like a relic of days long ago. It was out of date, it wasn’t user friendly and it just looked tired. It had to go.

One of the reasons that it took so long to change was that a new website seemed out of reach. Early estimates from designers were for months of work and $10,000+. Really? It didn’t need to be that complex or expensive, did it?

After three different bids that didn’t work out, I learned about a simple and affordable way to build a website. A way that would allow us to continue customizing and expanding. A way that was becoming increasingly common, yet was never mentioned by the website designers that I interviewed earlier.






I learned about WordPress websites for real estate while searching the web for a better alternative. At first, it seemed too good to be true and, in part, it wasn’t as good as it appeared. But using WordPress and a theme designed to meet 90% of our needs, would allow us to update our website for less than half the cost we originally expected. And best of all, we could continue to update the site ourselves or with a little help from experts.

The experts that we found to help us customize our WordPress site were at Agent Evolution. They had been down this road many times. While our situation as commercial real estate brokers specializing in senior care and assisted living facilities was unique, it didn’t require all that much work to customize our site to fit the properties and clients we serve. They listened to our needs and just made it work. I was impressed.

The new site is still a work in progress. There is a ton of content that needs to be added. But it looks good and has received some positive reviews. You can check it out here –

If you want to learn more about Agent Evolution, visit click HERE to visit their site.


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