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How Do I Find an Administrator For My Assisted Living Facility?

By March 30, 2024No Comments
how to hire an administrator for an assisted living facility

This week, a reader asked how to hire an administrator for an assisted living facility they’re opening.

When someone starts their assisted living facility, they may start as an investor or a business owner who wants to hire a team for day-to-day management.  In other words, they don’t want to be administrators or may not have the qualifications to be one.

So that’s a position they need to fill right away.  Sometimes, having an administrator is necessary to complete your license application, so hiring may occur well before you’re ready to open.

Many new assisted living owners have the same question:

How do I hire an administrator for my assisted living facility?

There are several ways to find your administrator.

Online Job Sites

First, you may start with the traditional way: posting a job description on one of the many job sites available today. These include popular sites like Indeed and ZipRecruiter. You may also post it on other job boards, such as those provided by trade associations and networking groups in your city or state.

Networking In Trade Associations

Trade associations are also excellent places for networking, which may be another way to find an administrator for your assisted living facility. You might network with association staff who know about individuals looking for an administrator position.  You might also meet someone interested in your job opportunity.

One of the best ways to network is to be actively involved in a trade association for assisted living providers in your state. Almost every state, if not all, has a trade association where assisted living providers collaborate in training, legislative activity, events, and other resources.

Management Companies

Your administrator may not be your employee at all but rather an employee of a management company. Many owners decide to outsource more of the management to a third-party company that specializes in assisted living management. The management company should have individuals qualified to be the administrator or know how to find them for you.

Some owners engage a management company for the long term, while others might engage one for the short term while starting their assisted living facility.

The management company staff will typically have a licensed or qualified administrator who can fill that role in your facility and on your license application.


Those are some ways to find an administrator for your assisted living facility. If you are still struggling to find an administrator, let us know.  At SeniorCareMike, we often network with assisted living providers who are buying or selling their facilities, but in many cases, we also connect about other things, such as job opportunities.  Please let us know if we can help.