How Much Money Do I Need To Start an Assisted Living Facility?

I’ve heard from many who are inspired to start their own assisted living facility.  Inspiration may keep you motivated.  Knowledge and experience will show you what to do.  But money will make your dream a reality.   So, how much money do you need to start an assisted living facility? The amount you need will […]

How Are Assisted Living Management Companies Paid?

It’s no surprise that many buyers who contact us at Senior Care Realty are investors.  Assisted living facilities and other senior care real estate can be great investments.  But most investors are looking for an investment, and not a job.   Investors Are Seldom Managers Assisted living facilities have a lot going on.  Resident care. […]

How Do I Convert My Home Into an Assisted Living Home?

I received a question today about how to convert a single family home into an assisted living home.  It’s a question that I’ve received many times.  It’s a big question and this post will only touch on the answer, and point you in a few directions for more information.     Local Zoning Some cities […]

Finance 101 For Assisted Living Facilities

I’m really excited to speak at the Wisconsin Assisted Living Association’s spring conference this week. I know that I will get to see many past and current clients, and old friends. But I will also have an opportunity to share some of what I have learned about financial management of assisted living facilities. This is […]

9 Questions to Ask a Real Estate Broker

I received a call from a potential client last week. She was interested in learning more about working with Senior Care Realty to help confidentially sell her assisted living facility. During the course of our call, it occurred to me that she wasn’t asking me the right questions. Sellers often call us with the same […]

Don’t Say No Too Soon

Most of my posts are about senior care, real estate and business. But I hope you’ll indulge me for this post so that I can share a story that taught me a lesson about life and business. Sometimes the sights you see on vacation are more meaningful than you would expect. That was the case […]

Using Quickbooks Online for Your Assisted Living Facility

I started doing the accounting for an assisted living facility owned by my parents back in 1988. Times have certainly changed. Over the years, I’ve only used two accounting programs: Peachtree and Quickbooks. I started using Peachtree in the day of floppy disks.  It was difficult to use, time consuming, and prone to error or […]

Why Invest in Senior Care Real Estate?

There are many reasons why investing in senior care real estate is a good idea.  But one of the best reasons is something nobody can deny.   Demographics and  the Senior Care Boom The world is becoming more crowded.  And older. But do you know how old? And how fast it’s growing? Here are some […]

When to Expand With a New Assisted Living Facility

The Wisconsin Assisted Living Association had some great sessions at their spring conference recently. I enjoyed being part of a panel discussion on the topic of “When It’s Time to Expand, and When It’s Time to Wait”. We panelists shared our thoughts on this topic, and the audience had some great questions and feedback, too. […]

How Can Smaller and Older Assisted Living Facilities Compete?

It’s a common theme – bigger is better. Maybe so. But if you own a smaller assisted living facility, there are ways to compete with the big boys. That’s one of the topics we covered at the recent Spring Conference of the Wisconsin Assisted Living Association. I was fortunate to sit on a panel with […]