How Do I Pick a Location for My Assisted Living Facility?

  Keith asked a question a while ago about picking a location for his assisted living facility.  That’s a great question and an important one when you’re planning to build. We’ve all heard the saying that the three most important things in real estate are location, location, and location.  For an assisted living community, there may […]

Build an Assisted Living Business, Not Just a Facility

I spoke at a conference recently on the topic of starting an assisted living facility. Some of the questions from the audience indicated that there were some who, in my humble opinion, were not asking the right questions. Questions included things like: “How important is location?” “How long will it take to fill a new […]

Feasibility Studies: Numbers Tell Part of the Story

A client recently asked us to complete a market feasibility study for an assisted living facility.  It was a typical project that included crunching the numbers of supply and demand for assisted living in the market.  We call this type of feasibility study a Desktop Study because we did not visit the market, interview likely […]

“This Property Would Be Great for Senior Housing” – Sure.

Over the past year or so, I have taken many phone calls from owners of vacant land who are sure their property would be great for assisted living.  Sometimes the caller is right but usually it’s just wishful thinking. Over the past few years, owners of vacant land, condo projects and hotels have called us […]