Audited Financials For Your Assisted Living Facility

  Financial statements are the report card on the financial performance of your assisted living facility. Larger facilities and bigger operators are often required to have audited financial statements to satisfy lenders, investors and funding sources. But what about smaller providers? Are audited financial statements necessary? Audited financials statements aren’t necessary, unless you have a […]

Selling Your Assisted Living Facility? Expect Some Visitors

When you’re selling your assisted living facility, there are many steps in the process. Once you have reached an agreement with a buyer, there is a long list of others who may need to visit your property. Due diligence is the process a buyer undertakes to inspect a property and confirm their understanding of the […]

Who Receives the Revenue Earned on Closing Day?

This is a quick answer to a frequently asked question from ALF sellers.   “Who receives the money earned on closing day:  buyer or seller?” As we get closer to closing the sale of your assisted living facility, questions about the final details start to come up.  One of the more common questions when we’re […]

Who Keeps The Cash on Hand When I Sell My ALF?

This is a quick answer to a frequently asked question from ALF sellers.   “When I close on my sale, does the buyer keep the cash in my business bank account?” While many assisted living facilities are owned and operated by individuals or small businesses, most are held in business entities for legal and tax […]

How Much Money Do I Need To Start an Assisted Living Facility?

I’ve heard from many who are inspired to start their own assisted living facility.  Inspiration may keep you motivated.  Knowledge and experience will show you what to do.  But money will make your dream a reality.   So, how much money do you need to start an assisted living facility? The amount you need will […]

How Are Assisted Living Management Companies Paid?

It’s no surprise that many buyers who contact us at Senior Care Realty are investors.  Assisted living facilities and other senior care real estate can be great investments.  But most investors are looking for an investment, and not a job.   Investors Are Seldom Managers Assisted living facilities have a lot going on.  Resident care. […]

How Do I Convert My Home Into an Assisted Living Home?

I received a question today about how to convert a single family home into an assisted living home.  It’s a question that I’ve received many times.  It’s a big question and this post will only touch on the answer, and point you in a few directions for more information.     Local Zoning Some cities […]

Sending Emails From Highrise

You may be way ahead of me, but I found a new feature in Highrise that’s a time saver. Highrise now lets you send emails directly from inside Highrise when you have a contact open. But I hadn’t been using it because it didn’t include my email signature or let me include attachments. As far […]

Finance 101 For Assisted Living Facilities

I’m really excited to speak at the Wisconsin Assisted Living Association’s spring conference this week. I know that I will get to see many past and current clients, and old friends. But I will also have an opportunity to share some of what I have learned about financial management of assisted living facilities. This is […]

9 Questions to Ask a Real Estate Broker

I received a call from a potential client last week. She was interested in learning more about working with Senior Care Realty to help confidentially sell her assisted living facility. During the course of our call, it occurred to me that she wasn’t asking me the right questions. Sellers often call us with the same […]