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Assisted Living Licensing in Florida

By February 21, 2022No Comments

I received a question recently about how to license an assisted living home in Florida.

Like assisted living licensing in every state, there are many steps in Florida, too.

But my first step every time someone asks about licensing assisted living facilities is to go to the state’s website for the latest information because it changes, sometimes often.

Is it an Adult Family Care Home or Assisted Living Facilty?

If you’ve read my blog, you’ve seen me write about the difference between assisted living homes and assisted living facilities. In general, assisted living homes (ALH) are houses originally built as single-family homes that are converted to assisted living; sometimes they’re called residential assisted living. And assisted living facilities (ALF) are more often larger, purpose-built properties designed from their start for assisted living.

While those of us in the business might refer generically to an ALH or an ALF, each state has specific guidelines for its own types of assisted living. In Florida, they make a distinction between Adult Family Care Home and Assisted Living Facility.

An Adult Family Care Home is for up to only five residents and the assisted living provider must also live in the home.

An Assisted Living Facility is basically everything else, including facilities with one bed and up without a provider living on-site.

With some readers who live or plan to live in their assisted living home, they might qualify as an adult family care home. But for most of you, you’ll be licensed as an assisted living facility in Florida.

Where To Find The License Application

The latest information on licensing in Florida and a copy of the license application can be found on the website of the state’s Agency For Health Care Administration.

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