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What Are the Requirements For Converting a House to Assisted Living in California?

In recent years, purchasing fixer-upper properties and transforming them into assisted living facilities has gained traction.  This offers an opportunity…
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Assisted LivingConversionsDevelopmentRegulationsZoning

How Do I Convert My New Jersey Home Into an Assisted Living Home?

If you've ever considered converting your single-family house in New Jersey into an assisted living home, you're not alone. The…

What Are The Types of Assisted Living in Oregon?

A reader recently asked about the types of assisted living in Oregon.  Each state regulates assisted living.  There are differences…
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Do I Need to Own a Property Before Licensing?

A reader recently asked if they must own a property before beginning the licensing process. The short answer is (probably)…

Attracting New Residents to Your Assisted Living Home

Many assisted living facilities have sales and marketing staff.  They have budgets for websites, brochures, and special events.  But many…
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Cannabis in Assisted Living?

Cannabis use is increasing among seniors. How will that trend impact the residents of assisted living facilities?
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How Much Is Rent When You Lease Your ALF?

How much is rent when you lease an assisted living facility?

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